Blood & Dust official release

Hey Friends,

It has been a busy summer full of many O’ the delightful gig!  We are just about a week away from our OFFICIAL album release show for “the Crooked Road” at Awaken Cafe in Oakland.  This is a special occasion indeed, not only because we are officially celebrating the release of our first studio album, but because Awaken Cafe gave us one of our first official shows!

We will be sharing the stage with Alex Jimenez and Lizzie Karr, both finalists with us at the OakTown Music festival last year, this Saturday, August 23rd at 8:00PM.  We’re going to have a great spread with albums, posters, and T-shirts and we will be playing with a Full Band featuring the amazing Jason Slota!!!! It’s going to be a trip folks and we would honestly love to see you because local musicians are able to do their craft thanks to everyone who comes to a show!  You can get event information on facebook  here or at awaken’s website here.  It’s just $7 we want to pack out the place!!!!

One of the coolest developments in the journey of the last few months is that we’ve built a band out of our busy schedule.  Blood & Dust is now a quartet consisting of Doug Tiemann: Lead Vocals/Guitar, Brandon Venable: Slide Guitar, Ingrid Dirtzu: Backing Vocals, and Paul Geoghan: Upright Bass.

Please come out and help us celebrate!!!